Create more value for your business with used equipment financing solutions.

Grow your business with used equipment financing solutions. Give yourself the financing options you need to acquire the used equipment you want. With Healthera.AI, you can get your specialized product and budgeting needs while creating second- and third-life revenue streams for your business.

Our Services

We Understand Your Needs

We do our best to understand your needs and bring you financing for the expansion of your business. As we specifically cater towards dentists, doctors and health professionals, we understand your needs better. Our team has decades of experience working with the niche Healthcare community.


Our platform is secured with the latest cybersecurity technology. In time, there will be zero risk of identity theft or fraud. We are working with strategic partners with their own highly secure e-wallet systems, which have modern 3-FA security mechanisms superior to even some banking institutions.

Lightning Fast

You can apply for a loan application, hear back from us within 24 hours and have your loan approved within 48 hours, if you’ve provided all the correct financial information.

We are Transparent

There are no hidden fees and we collect our commissions from the lender and/or supplier.

Get ready to stand out

Experience an application like never before. Your funds are immediately pre-approved thanks to the new generation software algorithms built across our platform. We then leverage blockchain technology to assist in instant transaction times. Make secure repayments with no hidden fees and maximum comfort thanks to smart contract technology.


Financed Portfolio

We say “yes” while other lenders say “no”

Many traditional banks and lenders are not willing to take on the risk of financing used equipment. Healthera.AI is here for you. We know your business and the equipment you need and we can structure competitive financing programs for both new and used equipment.

Practice-Owned Equipment Finance Services

Our dedicated software will work to get you a quick approval on virtually any type of healthcare equipment.

Pre-Approved Loans Upto $500,000

If you are a health practitioner, have an active ABN and an AHPRA number, provide your basic information to see if you are pre-approved for $500,000 in financing.

A customised approach for refinancing

We know that your situation is unique and conventional banks may not understand you or your business. We look at each situation on its merits to connect you with the right financing solution and the correct people. Refinancing is what we do and what we’re good at.

Flexible Terms and Payment Options

Who says that it always must be one way or the highway? At Healthera.AI, we are motivated to find you solutions that have flexible terms, interest rates and payment options.

Simple Online Application

Go digital. Store your financial information in one secure place and have us do the shopping around for you. Fill your information in once and we’ll ensure that you reduce the amount of time and paperwork you’ll have to fill in.

Quick Decisions & Funding

You don’t have time to wait, let alone shop around. Find out quickly if your loan application is successful or not, so you can seek alternative solutions if you require.

Digital Repayment & Refinancing Options

This is where we shine. Our digital repayment solutions and technology are cutting edge solutions designed to reduce the fees and costs associated with transactions.

It's simple, here's how to start

1. Create Your Wallet

Sign up on our platform using your AHPRA registration number and become part of helping build a stronger healthcare industry.

2. Tell Us About Yourself

Choose between Borrowing or Lending and enter a few details about yourself. Decide the financial terms and apply to borrow or lend on our platform.

3. Fund Deployment

The AI software engine matches the most compatible borrowers and lenders.

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